Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Near Me

We have great selection of Teacup Chihuahua

I have had and been Chihuahua lovers for over 20 years. I raise quality puppies for either home or competition. 

My homebred babies are known for their personality plus, sweet, loving temperaments, babydoll and teddybear faces, small tight ear sets, silk coats, beautiful color and excellent structure.

Chihuahua Puppy For Sale $150

Adorable Chihuahua puppy for sale at just $150! This tiny bundle of joy is looking for a loving home. With its cute button nose and playful personality, it’s sure to steal your heart. Vaccinated and dewormed, ready to be your new loyal companion. Don’t miss out on this precious..

Happy Healthy Puppies

When you are ready to make the commitment to add a furry friend to your family, be assured that you are in the right place. Here at The Certified Teacup Chihuahuas, you will be working with professional, compassionate breeders who take great pride in producing happy healthy puppies that make the best fur-ever friends!

Stress-Free Delivery

Don’t live close enough to pick your puppy up? No problem! Our home delivery service can help. With zero stress, we will walk you through the entire delivery process, answer all of your questions & ease any fears you may have.

Fully vaccinated and dewormed puppy

Health and safety always comes first! Every single puppy gets the best treatment. All our puppies are given every vaccination required for their age and your location and are fully dewormed up to date. All the health, vet, and vaccination documents will arrive with your puppy.

Introducing the puppy to its new OwnerShipping 

A new puppy (preferably from us) is a source of cheer and warmth everywhere. The companionship of a puppy has positive psychological and health benefits for people. Even older dogs and cats seem to perk up when a pup is introduced into the household. Perhaps the best thing about puppies is that they give their love, affection, and devotion unconditionally. Read more

When is the best time to begin puppy training?

Dogs are capable of absorbing information from a very early age so it’s never too early to start introducing the principles of training. Most people bring home a new puppy at about eight weeks of age, so this is an excellent time to start on some very simple commands at home.

Teacup Chihuahuas For Sale Near Me

Discover teacup Chihuahuas for sale near me! These pocket-sized pups are irresistibly cute and perfect for any home. With their tiny frames and big personalities, they’ll bring endless joy to your life. Find your pint-sized companion today and experience the love of a teacup Chihuahua firsthand

Once your puppy has had all of its vaccines you can start to look at more formal training options such as puppy training classes. This will be a great opportunity not only to work on more advanced training techniques, but also to start socialising your dog with people and other dogs.

What training commands should you start with?

Some of the key commands to start with include:

  • Sit
  • Lay Down
  • Stay
  • Recall

You may also consider teaching your dog to fetch you an item, such as one of their toys. Further down the line this command could even develop into teaching your dog to clean up his toys!

Chihuahua Breeder Near Me

Looking for a reputable Chihuahua breeder near me? Look no further! Our dedicated breeders specialize in raising healthy, happy Chihuahua puppies. With a focus on quality care and socialization, our pups are raised with love and ready to become cherished members of your family. Contact us today to find your perfect match!

Once you have mastered these basic training techniques you will likely find you have developed a stronger bond with your dog. Training is an ongoing task, and with a strong bond and basic training principles in place you will have a great foundation for moving on to more advanced training techniques over time.

We have plenty of puppy training videos and dog training guides to help you on your way!

Healthy Testing

Our goal is to provide the finest and healthiest Teacup Puppies and to find loving homes for our babies. 
I hope you enjoy visiting my family of  teacups and seeing the puppies I have available.
Teacups are a smart loving breed, a lap dog that only want’s to please you.
They are playful, intelligent and think their bigger than they are. 
They are wonderful watch dogs, since they will bark when someone approaches the home.
I socialize my dogs before they leave my home by taking them out to nursing homes and shopping, this is one of the reasons for their loving personalities. 


Buying a puppy online is a big deal for you, no doubt about it. And it is a big deal for us too! Throughout your journey with us, from the moment you first contact us, to after you have chosen your puppy, even beyond when you are together with your puppy, you will get personal support from us.

Long Haired Chihuahua For Sale Near Me

Seeking a long haired Chihuahua for sale near me? Look here! Our charming long-haired Chihuahuas are available and waiting to find their forever homes. Known for their silky coats and sweet dispositions, these pups make wonderful companions. Find your perfect match today and add a touch of elegance to your life!

Health Guarantee

A puppy is a long term joy and a long term commitment on your part. So you deserve to feel real peace of mind knowing you are protected for the whole time you are together with your dog. This is what you receive from PremiumBreeders, guaranteed.

Pre departure Check up with vet

Every Puppy gets a final check up at the vet, and only if they are given the full all clear, do we allow them to safely travel to you.


A 2-4 year health guarantee Health record veterinary well check sheet Chew bone Sample of dog food Puppy care instructions 24/7 lifetime support of the breeder


Hypoallergenic Increased longevity Parents health tested Trademarked for your protection Wonderful temperament Intelligent and trainable Excellent with children and animals 100% lovable


Shipping is available in the USA and Canada. This includes: Health certificate Flight Collar/Leash/ID tag Food & water bowl Small food package

Chihuahua Puppies Near Me For Sale

Discover adorable Chihuahua puppies near me for sale, eagerly awaiting loving homes! Our carefully bred Chihuahua pups come from champion bloodlines, ensuring top-notch health and temperament. Raised in a nurturing environment, they’re well-socialized and ready to become treasured family members. Whether you prefer smooth or long-haired varieties, we have the perfect companion for you. From playful antics to loyal companionship, Chihuahuas offer endless joy. Don’t miss the chance to bring home a little bundle of love. Contact us today to meet these pint-sized wonders and embark on a journey filled with cuddles and laughter. Your dream Chihuahua awaits!